We sell Primitives and Antiques direct from the farm.   

 What is it?  It's a Silage Cutter

Silage Cutter

This is a silage cutter from the old days.   Looks like hard work - no wonder my father hated farm work. We aren't using these any more and now we sell them in our Antique business.  This one is from the 1890s+ and is worth about $40 - $100.  Lots of people decorate with primitives this days and this item is unusual.  

What is Silage you may ask?  Silage is fodder (hay or straw) harvested while green and kept succulent by partial fermentation as in a silo. Cows love it.   For good silage you must cut  the silage which is long (4-10 inches) to preserve the nutrient content.  Corn rice and hay can all be made into silage.   These are the types of items we sell at Holly Hill Antiques. If you need one of these send us an email and we will see if we can help.  

Today they have all kind of machines to do this.  See below.  

  Silage Chopper Machine

  Here is a YouTube video on cutting  silage from rice using yet another machine. 

We specialize in Pennsylvania and Virginia farm primitives and farm implements.   We also offer Primitive tools and instruments, Primitive furniture, glassware and collectibles, and thousands of items on our online store.  We have a large selection of vintage hunting and fishing items as well as a large selection of vintage sporting equipment.  We have the largest selection on kitchen collectibles in the area with most of these in our online store as well.  We sell anything that came from the farm at our farm.  Each week we travel to the "auctions" to find those hard to find items and old farm specialties.   It's fun to decorate with Primitives and we are your source.   We can help.  

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