New for 2018

Going Green is a smarter way to do things

Holly Hill Farm is a “Green Business” and we believe that life is better by living more simply and being more self reliant!!  

We are integrating our 20 year old antiques business on a farm and for 2018 -  will be growing more food and being more environmentally friendly!!  We will demonstrate the "self reliance of the past" with the trends of the future.   We hope to do less mowing too - by planting more trees.   We welcome your ideas on becoming more environmentally and community friendly business.  We need your help!

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Holly Hill Farm

is a very green business

Intensive Garden
Intensive Garden
Food Forest
Food Forest
Permaculture Pond
Permaculture Pond

People Environment Community

People and Profit

Adding the "people" element to business sustainability - makes all citizens responsible for the business profits and wellness of the community.   We are one community and our businesses success depend on each of us.  Sponsor those businesses where the money stays in the community - thus helping all prosper!  The "profit" aspect is seen as the real economic benefit enjoyed by everyone.


We all should do no harm to the community.  Holly Hill Farm will set a coarse on becoming more environmentally friendly.  By reducing the amount of waste created, doing more recycling and re-purposing, growing more food, and using less energy.  Please help us!


We are all "shareholders" in this community and Holly Hill Farm will help bring local artisans and craft events and demonstrations, investor engagement,  and social responsibility.

Holly Hill Farm is Changing

Our initiatives

Bees For the environment
Bees For the environment
Reusable Energy and Sustainablity
Reusable Energy and Sustainablity
Conserve Water
Conserve Water
Food for the community
Food for the community
Wood and composting
Wood and composting
Better use of land
Better use of land

The funny thing is, it actually works.

Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Yes - you could actually lower costs and help prevent climate change threats.  Holly Hill Farm can teach you and we are directly across the street from a solar farm.    

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production

Everyone needs to know how to plant a garden - and doesn't it make sense to plant a garden in your yard rather than mow it?  Watch Holly Hill turn their properties into a food forest and reduce their mowing.  

Many Amazing Things



Raising Chickens

And buying our products from the local farmers.


Preserving our history for the next generation

In 1945, this farm won 4-H awards as being a model farm.


So Peaceful

Revive your interest in simplicity and nature again.


Garden Ideas and Tips

Learn from us.  But better yet Laugh with us as we make all the garden mistakes possible.


Wind Energy

For 2018 we intend to do an experiment.  .

Food for the community

Beautiful Garden

Produces food too!


Raised Garden Beds

Up till now we have raised no food.  That will all change in 2018.


Bees and Honey

We will sell local Bee Products at our Farm.  You'll love our bees.


Mobile Chicken Coop

We are going to try our hand at raising a few hens.